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提问: 大学英语综合教程3(上海外语教育出版社的)的课文翻译及课后习题答案!谁有

回答:Appendix I
  Key to Exercises (Units 1-8)
  Unit 1
  Part I Pre-Reading Task
  Script for the recording:
  The song you are about to hear is all about taking a break from city life, escaping from the crowds,
  rinding a quiet place, far from trie human race.
  For those of us who live in cities, getting out in the country can provide a welcome break, letting us recharge our batteries. Out in the country, as the song says, we can find a place to
  stand alone and take tack somethin' worth remembering.
  The countryside also promises escape from the pollution of the city, somewhere to get some decent air to breathe. The countryside also offers somewhere where the sun is not hidden by smog, making it seem no more than
  a bright spot in the nighttime.
  So, just remember, as the song advises, whenever you
  need a bit or room to move When life becomes too fast
  66 - Appendix I ^
  you can always find relief at last
  Out in the country.
  Here is the song:
  Out in the Country
  Paul Williams/Roger Nichols
  Whenever I need to leave it all heh ind Or feel the need to get away I find a quiet place, far from the human race Out in the country
  Before the hreathin' air is gone
  Before the sun is just a hright spot in the nighttime
  Out where the rivers like to run
  I stand alone and take hack somethin' worth rememherin'
  Whenever I feel them closing in on me
  Or need a hit of room to move
  When life hecomes too fast, I find relief at last
  Out in the country
  Before the hreathin' air is gone
  Before the sun is just a hright spot in the nighttime
  Out where the rivers like to run
  I stand alone and take hack somethin' worth rememherin'
  Before the hreathin' air is gone
  Before the sun is just a hright spot in the nighttime
  Out where the rivers like to run
  I stand alone and take hack somethin' worth rememherin'
  Before the hreathin' air is gone
  Before the sun is just a hright spot in the nighttime
  Out where the rivers lite to run
  Appendix I - 69 -
  I stand alone and take tack somethin' worth rememberin'
  Berore the breathin' air is gone
  Before tbe sun is just a brigbt spot in tbe nighttime.
  I stand alone...
  Part II Text A
  Text Organization
  Parts Paragraphs .. , „
  Main Ideas
  Part One Paras 1-3 The writer views his life in the country as a self-reliant and satisfying one.
  Part Two Paras 4-7 Life in the country is good yet sometimes very hard.
  Part Three Paras 8-11 After quitting his job, the writer's income was reduced, but he and his family were able to manage to get by.
  Part Four Paras 12-15
  ■ A tolerance for solitude and a lot of energy have made it possible for the family to enjoy their life in the country.
  2. Happy Moments and Events
  1) growing nearly all their fruits and vegetables
  2) canoeing, picnicking, long bicycle rides, etc.
  3) keeping warm inside the house in winter
  4) writing freelance articles
  5) earning enough money while maintaining a happy family life Hardships
  1) working hard both in winter and in summer
  2) harsh environment and weather condition
  3) anxious moments after the writer quit his job
  4) cutting back on daily expenses
  5) solitude
  Appendix I
  insurance aside from resist
  supplemented wicked
  budget boundary
  at that point
  cut back / down get by
  face up to turning out
  1. 1)
  2. 1) 3) 5) 7)
  3. 1) 2) 3)
  4. 1)
  2) On balance
  4) cut back
  6) haul
  8) sprayed
  10) illustrated
  12) digest
  14) get by
  2) pickup
  4) get through
  6) turn in
  8) think up
  While farming, Benneker pursued his mathematical studies and taught himself astronomy. Misused words often generate misleading thoughts.
  Lafayette Hotel is patronized by international celebrities drawn to its French food and service.
  A person who thinks that money will do everything may well be suspected of doing every¬thing for money.
  A person surely has to face a good many bitter disappointments before he gets through life. Seeing that more and more people are concerned about the quality of their indoor environ¬ments, John is considering starting an interior decoration business. It seems certain to earn a profit, but he does not yet have enough money to invest in it.
  This device is primarily used for the improvement of the sound quality of electronic media. It was invented in the US, but now it is used on a global scale.
  When the first settlers came to America, their household utensils consisted of a few pots, pans and some bowls stacked in one corner of the house. There wasn't much material temptation around them. They never dined out in a restaurant as we often do nowadays.
  II. Confusable Words
  1. 1) house
  3) home, family
  2) Home
  4) household
  1) doubt
  3) doubted 5) suspect
  2) suspected 4) suspected
  III. Word Formation
  1) rise
  3) regular
  5) hows, whys
  7) yellowed
  9) lower
  2) final
  4) cash
  6) upped
  8) bottled
  10) search
  1.1) when it comes to changing your life
  2) when it comes to such matters as keeping the room tidy
  3) when it comes to emotional intelligence
  4) when it comes to managing minor matters
  2. 1) Not everyone agrees on what is right and what is wrong
  2) but, unfortunately, money isn't everything
  3) not all Americans like them
  4) Not all people share the same interests
  Comprehensive txercises
  I. Cloze
  1. gets by
  3. get through
  5. improvements
  7. suspect
  9. profit
  11. spraying
  1. While
  3. begin
  2. temptation
  4. picked up
  6. aside from
  8. supplement
  10. primarily
  12. stacking
  2. escape
  4. Because/As
  - 92 - Appendix I
  5. quit 6. start
  7. on 8. but (also)
  9. be 10. close
  11. have 12. cutting
  13. cook/prepare 14. cities
  15. however 16. family
  II. Translation
  A decade ago, Nancy did what so many Americans dream about. She quit an executive position and opened / set up a household equipment store in her neighborhood. People like Nancy made the decision primarily because of/owing to/due to their desire to improve the quality of their lives.
  But, to run a small business is by no means an easy job. Without her steady income, Nancy had to cut back on her daily expenses. Sometimes she did not even have the money to pay the premiums for the various kinds of insurance she needed. Once she could not even pick up the phone bill and had to ask her parents to loan her some money.
  Fortunately, through her own hard work, she has now got through the most difficult time. She is determined to continue pursuing her vision of a better life.
  Part III TextB
  Comprehension Check
  l.a 2. c
  3.d 4. b
  5. a 6. c
  (#JE Appendix III)
  Language Practice
  1. In addition 2. roast
  Appendix I - 93 -
  3. percentage
  5. cable
  7. get along
  9. whip up
  111. commute
  13. taken over
  15. mushroomed
  17. fried
  19. array
  4. entertainment
  6. at one time
  8. missed out on
  3k 10. as a result
  12. rent
  14. make sense
  16. go with
  18. dizzy
  20. gasped
  Part IV Theme-Related Language Learning Tasks
  Model paper
  Recent Changes in Chinese Family Life
  Great changes have taken place in Chinese family life in the past twenty years. In my parents' words, the difference between their childhood and mine is as vast as that between heaven and earth.
  When my parents were young, there was no TV, no computers nor any other electronic appli¬ances in their home. Their food was simple and their clothing plain. What is unbelievable to young people today is that they seldom dined out in a restaurant, or traveled to a scenic spot for a holiday.
  In contrast to family life one generation ago, each family in China today has at least one TV set and many have been equipped with telephones, computers, even cars. While the senior members of a family watch films on TV at home, the younger members like to play computer games or talk to their friends who may live thousands of miles from them.
  The changes in Chinese family life mirror the economic development of our country. Without the prosperity of the whole country, our family life would probably be just the same as before. Times have changed, and changed, most would surely agree with me, for the better.
  (194 words)
  - 9^ - Appendix I

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